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1 RECRUITMENT RULES // MAIN CLAN on Sat Sep 12, 2009 2:43 am


Here you can read our rules before you make an application >HERE<. Your application can be accepted or refused by Clan Council members' voting. However, remember - Your application title must be your in-game name. Before You start writing an application read all topics in "General information" area. We are not an ordinary clan. Our history started in 1998. For us, quality is more important than numbers.

Only applications written in English will be accepted!

Application must include:
1 - Real name.
2 - Year of birth.
3 - Hobbie(s).
4 - Location (Country and City).
5 - Names of all your in-game characters.
6 - class and level of Your characters.
7 - Short fantasy story of Your character.
8 - Names of minimum three persons from OoC who will recommend You.
9 - Why you want to join us.
10 - What you can give to our Clan.
11 - What you expect from us.
12 - How long have you been playing L2, and where have you played before Serpent.
13 - How many hours do you usually play Lineage II in a week.
14 - Contact (e-mail / MSN / Xfire, etc.) We need two ways to contact you.
15 - Where you heard about our clan.
16 - Do You have a microphone?
17 - Do You have Xfire account?
18 - How good is Your english?
19 - Your application must include sentence "I have already read all the clan rules and I accept them."

Among the clan members, there must be minimum three players, who will recommend you as potential member of our clan. If the recommendated person isn't good for clan and causes troubles, etc. The persons who recommended him/her will bear a full responsibility. So if someone wants to take a resposibility for behaviour of a new recruit, he must confirm his decision in topic with application of recommended person. This post needs to include the reasons, which made the person sure to recommend candidate.
Only players who are in OoC longer than three months are able to hand out recommendations.

Character history
Point 7 is optional. However this point will give You a higher chance to join us
It doesn't have to be long. Let's say about 10-15 sentences. However it need to proof that the person who made it is a reasonable person that knows how to express his/her feelings, and can think as a mature person.
Copy-paste is restrictly forbiden. We will know, if the written words are not yours! Besides, you can skip that point if you want... Really.

The decision of clan council
When we recive the aplication, council mambers make decision by voting. It takes place in special section of forum, with access only for council members. The resoult of voting should be announced within 60 hours, starting from time the aplication was made.

More questions
If someone has more questions or suggestions then write it the "Questions and Answers" Section.

Remember. If this procedure sounds funny for you, than there's nothing for you here. We do not force anyone to be a part of our Clan!

Special thanks to Seifer for help in translation!

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2 Re: RECRUITMENT RULES // MAIN CLAN on Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:07 pm


Edited, and from now topic is again actual.

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