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Ignorance do not release from obeying Guild regulations

1: General Guild Rules

  • Order of Crimson Guild is not owned by any individual person but belongs to the general welfare of all members.

  • Our Guild is United.

  • Good of our Guild is always paramount.

  • Guild as a community has a duty to make that all its members feel an integral part of it.

2: Guild Forum

  • Every Guild member must be a registered user in Guild forum.

  • Every Guild member is obligated to visit forum minimum one time everyday.

  • Forum profile of every user must contain real and accurate informations.

  • Loutish behaviour on forum will be punished in-game

  • Forum profile, signature and posted messages cannot contain offensive, obscenic, vulgar, hateful contents or callings to the racial, religious or ethnic hate. Simply - always try to act according to the netiquette.

  • If You are a Guild Member Your signature must contain Your Xfire miniprofile. If You have no idea what it is, click here.

3: Guild Communication

  • Everyone who is a Guild member must own microphone.

  • Every member of our Guild is obliged to a (currently our voice server is permanently offline - we are working on it - added 2012-09-10) usage.

  • Information about our currently Mumble/TeamSpeak adress and solution how to connect can be always founded [url=adresurl]here[/url].

  • All our members must be connected to Mumble/TeamSpeak when they are in game, however if you d'rather listen to music than talking or listening to us we have special music channel where you can go.

  • Every Guild member is obligated to be registered on Xfire. If You don't know what it is read this topic.

  • Everyone must have Xfire turned on while playing.

  • If You are going into AFK (Away from Keyboard) status, dont forget to inform rest of Guild about that. Just say AFK on Guild chat. If You want to be away longer than 5 minutes always set AFK status in Your Xfire Messenger.

4: About Membership
  • Be loyal to the Guild.

  • Obey Guild rules

  • Person who leave Guild once cannot join us again. Reason does not matter.

  • Always try to help our members in what You can, that's what makes us strong.

  • Experienced people are obligated to answer questions asked by new Guild Members.

  • You may not have any other character in any other Guild.

  • Always play a fair-game. That means no rule-breaking, no use of bugs/exploits/bots, etc.

  • Always use respectful language with every member of the Guild and even other players, we do not tolerate flames of any kind, specially in global chats. On Guild chat you may complain about how cruel and unfair this world is, but keep a respective language.

  • Any prolonged absence (more than a 2 days) should be reported in this section in the forum.

  • Every language is allowed on our Guild chats but at Rifts/PvP we use only english. Also if you want to say something to everyone speak in english.

5: Guild Base

  • Because the Guild Base maintenance and placing new buildings cost us a certain amount of gold, each member is required to assist in it. Of course we will never ask for impossible so all our members should help as much as they currently can.

  • Every Guild member is obligated to finish minimum 10 sets of Base Quests every week. If you don't know how to do them check this section of forum.

  • Every Guild member can do 9 Trade Runs every week instead of doing Base Quests. If you don't know how to finish them check this section of forum..

  • If someone can't help us with Base mainteance and constructions, just inform us here

  • Guild Crafters will craft items only for helpful people. Selfish members will be permanently kicked.

6: Territory Wars

  • Every member have to be online minimum 30 minutes before Territory War starts.

  • Parties and command channel on our voice chat are formed 30 minutes before Territory War start.

  • Only Clan Council Member can be a party leader during this time

  • Only Guildmaster or Vice Guildmaster can be a Command Channel Leader

  • During Territory wars we, as a Guild will always group up at spawn point to focus our strength and run out together.

  • At Territory War time all members are encouraged to log on to our voice chat.

  • At Territory Wars only Council Members are allowed to speak on our voice chat.

  • All members have to listen to the commands carefuly and follow them.

  • Absenteeism should be reported in designed section on forum in topic about Territory War at which player cant be online.

  • Leaving Territory War without a just reason will result in a warning given to member, and repeated can result in expulsion from Guild.

  • Everyone who ignore Territory Wars will be permanently kicked from Guild.

  • Time when we are going to attack or defend territory is always announced at Thursday (23:00 GMT+1) in this section of forum.

  • Rewards from Territory Wars belong to entire Guild and they are divided between members who helped during it.

7: Guild Raids

  • Only Council members can arrange Guild raids.

  • Only Council member can be a party leader at raid

  • After raid annoucement all clan members must arrive at choosen place within 3 minutes.

  • People who can't participate because of their level don't need to come.

  • If u want to join raid (You were AFK or You just logged in) inform party leader. He will join You in free time.

  • Raid drop must be always given to party leader in short time after raid.

  • If raid is dead, don't leave your party. Another raids are possible.

  • Never leave raid zone until Council members deicide to do that.

  • Profits from raids are shared between people who help with them.

  • If member need something that just got dropped from a raid, he must ask Raid Leader for it.

  • When two or more players ask for the same item, person with highest Guild contribution is first in queue.

8: Clan Wars and PvP

  • If a clan member is attacked by any player everyone, has an obligation to help him/her.

  • It is forbidden to attack any member from our clan/alliance. Doing so will cause inmediate expulsion from the Clan.

  • Killing (PK) low lvl players is strictly forbidden, unless there is a very serious reason.

  • Killing of random players is strictly forbidden too. If You want PvP search for our enemies or join arena.

  • Mass PvP with enemies is organized by Council Members.

  • In Mass PvP only Council Member can be a party leader

  • If we deicide to engage combat as Guild, everyone must be ready to fight in chosed place in maximum 2 minutes.

  • If enemies are coming to mass PvP always leave some free space for them. Never do spawn-kill.

9: Changes in Guild Rules

  • Every Guild member can suggest, that we should change something. And if he does he can fully free post about his ideas in this section of forum.

  • Guild rules can change anytime by decision of Guild Council.

10: When member of our Clan can be expelled or downgraded

  • If someone who is new in our Guild (less than 3 months in) and ignores siege/raid/pvp or just ignores Guildmaster or Vice Guildmaster, he can be expelled from clan instantly by deicision of any Council member.

  • When someone who isn't a new member brings problems to Guild, he can be expelled after Guild Council voting.

  • Council Member can be downgraded or kicked after voting of Guild Council.

  • If any Guild member is highly offensive to other Guild/Alliance member he will be expelled immediately.

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Just updated but will need some changes tomorrow I guess :-)

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