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1Hello! Empty Hello! on Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:19 pm


Hello everyone!i will do as master crafter did!
i will leave from ooc not cause i dont like clan/organize and all these drama things,just cause i find better server and i know that n1 will come there
the server is this L2insomnia.
I will be there with crusaders from L2mmorpg!
the server is running on c5
if some1 want contact with me he can log on server.maybe i will use name glikom0unos OR my facebook Xristos Papandreou.
I dont have something to tell or spam,cause this time i am seriously ^^
so..i happy to play with u.i hope to see some ppl there!
and good luck!

Best Regards,

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just n/c nothing more

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