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Polish version of this news is available here.

Welcome Crimsons afro

As you probably know, the last six months our clan spent playing MMO called Forsaken World. After some weeks of being excited by new game, and after several months of being bored to death, by ending daily absolutely stupid tasks, and retarded instances, I can say one thing - this game does not fully meet the minimum criteria, to keep me in it for even a minute longer. I conducted private conversations with most of guild members, which led to a simple conclusion - all of us are completly bored in this hopeless game. Last five months are just a wasted time of collecting gold without even single auction for a Guild Base, so we all stuck and it became impossible to level jobs and to make additional amount of soul gold. Cup of bitterness was filled by tens and even hundreds of smaller or larger bugs, which definitely exclude the possibility of enjoying (especially for high level characters) the game. In last weeks a spectrum of complete disappearance for our clan appeared in view of the horizon. Clan and even server - both became depopulated, and unfortunately this phenomenon is more easy to notice everyday. Thats the reasons why I decided to act. Each of the persons with whom I managed to have a conversation, I suggested that we should start playing together in Lineage II like in good old days. All agreed that this is the best way out. Many of our current members had never played Lineage 2 before , and my hopes for rapid development - as usual - are directed towards our older, experienced players.
If someone is a new player, and have problems with class selection, he can count on us and ask for advice in one of topics listed below:

- english version.
- polish version.

Everyone who has already taken a decision about what profession he wants to play, should write in this topic.

We are going to play on one of official servers (Bartz). Oficially clan will start existence in there after 2 days from now - 19 February 2012. By this time everyone should finish making decisions about joining us and class selection. Personally, I will spent remaining time to improve our site - in every possible way - I must update content and (if I will have enough time) visual quality.

All activities like downloading the game client, and account registration are included on the official site -
If you have any troubles with registration or game installation, feel free to ask for help in one of forum sections from list below:

- english version.
- polish version.

It's very late here, so please inform me if I did (I am sure I did pig ) any language errors.

I greet and encourage all of you to discuss here about things, that are connected with joining Lineage 2 again.

Order of Crimson Guildmaster

GryphonDeLayos - Bloodlust Warrior - lvl80
ArkeliaDeLayos - Divine Priest - lvl80

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