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Kim grać?

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26 Re: Kim grać? on Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:53 pm


Sprawdzone na pewno grają w Unforgiven. Może być cięzko jako klan- trzeba rozważyć dołączenie do jakiegoś klanu.

27 Re: Kim grać? on Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:55 pm


Chyba żartujesz :-P masz pojęcie ilu nas będzie i jakie stare kokso wyjadacze mają zamiar z nami grać?

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28 Re: Kim grać? on Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:56 pm


Dyskusja z Gryfem na temat dołączenia do innego klanu jest bezcelowa, można ją porównać do offtopu.

29 Re: Kim grać? on Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:59 pm


Jacek? grzebales qrwa w panelu administracyjnym w rangach? -_- jesli nie to baza danych sie posypala i bede musial zrobic rebuild ja pierdole kurwa mac...

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30 Re: Kim grać? on Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:00 pm


Ja nie wiem jak się wchodzi do panelu administracyjnego.

31 Re: Kim grać? on Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:02 pm


Baza danych sie sypnela... -_-

Ok już po k‚łopocie.

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ArkeliaDeLayos - Divine Priest - lvl80

32 Re: Kim grać? on Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:23 pm


Co do posta Gryfa: Sprawa sie jebnie z takim podejściem. Nie damy rady samy kontra cały serwer, a jak się ludzie dowiedzą z kim grają i zobaczą crest OoC to będzie sieczka. Ale co ja tam wiem. MUSIMY przynajmniej dobre ally zrobić, inaczej kaplica. Osobiście proponuje ally z Thunderem. (to nie jest Thunder ale kilka osób jedynie tam gra z tamtej ekipy) I prosze Cie Gryf... to jest polityka, nie ma tu miejsca na "nie lubie", "nie podoba mi sie". Potrzebujemy wybicia, i nie ma srania. Nie dawaj cresta przez jakiś czas.

PS. Ale klan możnaby założyć już.

33 Re: Kim grać? on Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:45 pm


Obecnie gram gladem Smile
W przyszłości może zrobię drugą postać spellsingera

PS. Zmieńcie kodowanie na UTF-8 bo nie da się was czytać ^^

34 Re: Kim grać? on Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:49 pm


zmien domyslny język w swoim profilu i wszystko będzie ok =)

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GryphonDeLayos - Bloodlust Warrior - lvl80
ArkeliaDeLayos - Divine Priest - lvl80

35 Re: Kim grać? on Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:26 am


Jako, ze gram na innovie i mam tam prawie 96lvl moge smialo sluzyc porada. Troche z tych porad jest juz nieaktualna. W racie czego pytac.

Q: I am a PvP clan member, what class should i choose in GoD to be useful?

few months of GoD there will be one rule - higher level wins. You can
pick up perfect mage/archer party and still lose even to Tyrr Warriors,
if they are 5 levels higher than you.

Some classes are required to be in any party, you can pick any of them, if you have party, who needs that class:

Knight - You simply cant level up without tank, when most of the
monsters in the party locations hits for 5-15k to non-tank class and
only ~1-3k to tanks.
Aeore Healer - One healer is must-have for any party and two healers is must-have for any PvP party.
Iss Enchanter - Combines all previous buffer to one "i-buff-you-all-with-all" class.

pvp party will have Sigel Knight + Aeore Healer*2 + Iss Enchanter. It
leaves 3 slots for damage dealers, you can choose any of them (Iss
Enchanter and Aeore Healer have all buffs in the game for all classes).

Tyrr Warrior - can be compared with old Arcana Lords.
Almost useless in both PvP and PvE.
Low single target damage compared to Wynn Summoner, no lethal skills,
lack of control skills, relatively weak debuffs. It still can be useful,
but only in special cases, like quick leveling for 80-91 levels in new
Seed of Annihilation or offparty -30% p.def debuffer with Armor
Destruction (almost instant reuse, almost 100% landing chance even on
light red mobs). If you are not a fan of pure melee DD - dont pick this
class, its severely underpowered.

Yul Archer - hybrid of old archers and Titans with improved lethal strike capabilities.
one-shot most Robe Classes under all short-duration limits (Mind's Eye,
Battle Rhapsody from Iss Enchanter) and have strong and stable single
target ranged DPS. Very high lethal strike chances, if needed (40% with
combination of Sniper Stance + Pinpoint Shot). Decent AoE skills, not
nearly as strong, as Feoh Wizard have, but well, mages are still
being... mages. Overall - good class, useful in almost every situation
in the game.

Othell Rogue - almost nothing changed in this class, its still same old Daggers (now with Spoil!).
weakness of this class - they dont combine with ranged DDs well, and
only pure melee damage dealer (Tyrr Warrior) is underpowered. Still
heavily depends on perfect ping, so not recommended for Europe players.
Even more dependant on face/back position and highly countered by simple
rule - "dont show your back to dagger", but still can land deadly stabs
and even one-shot careless healers and mages. Best lethal strikes in
whole game, but extremely weak AoE attacks. Overall, its good and
playable class, but Yul Archers usually are better.
Notable change -
you cant use Chain Blow, if you dont landed bleed on target first with
your Blood Stab. So if you dont have +bleed epic jewelery, better choose
another class, because without successfully landed Bleed on you target
you will be limited to 2 stab skills instead of 3, it may be life and
death difference in PvP.

Feoh Wizard - one word describes this class. imba. at least in first few months.
fast leveling, devastating AoE and single target attacks, blink forvard
and backward, knockback & skills interrupting when using the Wind
element, disable debuffs, another uber-skill Shadow Snare (you cast in
on the ground like fusion, and it drags all targets inside affected area
to its center, low reuse time, high chance). Have only few weak points -
low physical defence and low damage to instance raid bosses, mage-only
party will have very hard time in instances.

Wynn Summoner - new king of melee DD,
however, only in PvE situations. 3 (or 4 on 95 lvl) Saber Tooth
Cougars, summoner in fighter transformation with bow - stats like 15000
p.atk, 450 crit rate, ~1200 attack speed * 3-4 Cougars are normal for
high-level Wynn Summoner. Other notable skills - medusa and mass medusa,
several DOTs, but all this are not very useful on high-level because of
Aeore Healer's skill Brilliant Purge (94 lvl). Mage builds on Wynn
Summoner allows him to be part of a mage partys, providing easy instance
farm and some control abilitys. If you have Anakim/Zaken Transformation
scrolls - Wynn Summoner will benefit the most of all classes, as
uber-AOE mage in Anakim + 3-4 Soul Reapers (magical AOE summon), or
uber-melee DD in Zaken + 3-4 Saber Tooth Cougars, easily reaching 20k
p.atk on them even without Battle Rhapsody. You can make mage party with
summoner, but this is mostly solo class or PvE class, and he loses
efficiency in PvP as levels goes up.

Q: OK, there is some nice classes. But what party setup will be the best?

Base of all PvP setup - Sigel Knight + Aeore Healer*2 + Iss Enchanter + 3 various damage dealers.

choose correct combination of damage dealers, you need to know some
specifics of Iss Enchanter buffs. There are 3 different "Harmony" type
buffs -
# Warrior’s Harmony: Increases the P. Atk. by 35%, M. Atk. by
16%, Atk. Spd. by 8%, Casting Spd. by 8%, P. Critical Damage by 35%, P.
Critical Rate by 100%, and Spd. by 8 of a party member for a period of
time, while reducing M. Def. by 16%, P. Def. by 8%, and Evasion by 4.
Wizard’s Harmony: Increases the P. Atk. by 8%, M. Atk. by 40%, Atk.
Spd. by 8%, Casting Spd. by 8%, M. Def. by 14%, M. Critical Rate by
100%, MP recovery bonus by 20%, and Spd. by 8 of a party member for a
period of time, while reducing P. Def. by 8%, Evasion by 4, MP cost for
skills by 5%, and reuse time for skills by 20%.
# Knight’s Harmony:
Increases the P. Atk. by 12%, P. Def. by 45%, Shield Defense Rate by
30%, Shield P. Def. by 50%, P. Critical Damage by 35%, and P. Critical
Rate by 100% of a party member for a period of time.

Harmony usually is not used for PvP, Wizard's Harmony or Knight's
Harmony provides better bonuses. Key part of this buffs - Wizard's
Harmony increases M.Def by 14%. Knight's Harmony increases P. Def by
45%. If you are facing enemy party with only mage type damage dealers -
you can without any problems use Wizard's Harmony on your
healers/mages/enchanters/tanks (for physical damage dealers Knight's
Harmony will be better because of Crt. Damage and Crt. Chance). Same if
you are facing enemy party with only physical damage dealers - Knight's
Harmony on all party and you are fine. But if enemy have, for instance, 2
Feoh Wizards + 1 Yul Archer, will you risk buffing Wizard's Harmony on
your healers, when Yul Archer can one-shot that sweet little robes
without a Knight's Harmony? And if you will not risk it, your healers
will suffer from lower M.Def and will not have -20% reuse time from
Wizard's Harmony.

Conclusion 1: 1 Feoh Wizard recommended for
physical damage dealers party, but not required (Mage Harmony gives only
14% M.Def and this is not a very big difference). However, Feoh Wizard
will help with Sigel Knight killing (only class that is capable to kill
Sigel Knight sooner that SOON(TM) comes), and AoE exping. Even one Feoh
Wizard will enable you to farm in AoE locations. (well... if you have 2
Othell Rogues with virtually no AoE and 1 Feoh Wizard... maybe not.)
2: 1 physical damage dealer is almost required for Feoh Wizard's party,
because it will enable easy instance raid boss farming, and will force
enemy healers to switch from Wizard's Harmony to Knight's Harmony. Yul
Archer will be the best (ranged damager, enough damage for raidboss
farming, good synergy between Feoh Force and Yul Force skills). Othell
Rogue will be second - because melee and ranged attackers dont usually
do well in one party and he barely have enough DPS to kill raid bosses.
Wynn Summoner will be possibility if you are more oriented to level up
fast and win PvP due to level advantage - Wynn Summoner are almost
noncapable to deal physical damage in PvP (Cougars are melee and they
ate almost every Superior Hate Aura from Sigel Knights, causing them to
do almost no damage to tanks), Reapers are mage/ranged physical summons,
but they have weak physical stats. But Wynn Summoner will evaporate
every instance raid boss, and is you have Anakim Transformation Scrolls -
it can be even stronger magical AoE damage dealer than a Feoh Wizard.
Tyrr Warriors are not recommended - they becomes obsolete with
appearance of Yul Archer, who is simply better in any aspect.

Finally, some proven and good setups -
PvPvE setup, extremely fast exp rate (especially with Anakim scrolls), not bad in PvP: 2 Feoh Wizard, 1 Wynn Summoner
Standart mage PvP setup: 2 Feoh Wizard, 1 Yul Archer

party at these moment are behind on levels and cannot be compared in
PvP effeciency with magical partys. However, some of these setups can be
very good at high-level (but they required much more time to reach 95+,
and even than its not proven that they can kill mages with good
Archers: 2 Yul Archer, 1 Othell Rogue
Melee: 2 Othell
Rogue, 1 Tyrr Warrior (well, they have stun. sometimes stun even lands.
they have 30% p.def debuff. SOON(tm) they will have Last Attack skill,
that works like lethal on remaining 20% HP. try on your own risk.)

Generally, almost any party setup are acceptable, but as always - mages are simply better.

Q: What should i do to prepare my character to GoD update?

all of your PK counter by doing Repent Your Sins quest. If you still
dont have 75-75-75 subs and you can exp them fast - do it, 40-75 in GoD
will be slightly harder to powerlevel fast. If you have 84-85 armor set
with 1800 attribute in it - keep it until 95 lvl for pvp, otherwise you
can sell any of your armor (except Elegia sets). If you are mage/archer
and have good OE weapon - same, keep it until 95 lvl, otherwise you can
easily obtain low R/top R weapons during your path to 95+. Try to obtain
Item Skill: Reflect Damage (active) in one of your weapons. If you are
85.00 - level up to 85.100, its actually easier in High Five (3.7kkk exp
85-86 compared to 5.9kkk exp 85-86 in GoD)

Q: Wait, i have a +3 300 attribute weapon and you suggest that i can exp with non-attributed bound low R/top R weapon?

monsters in new locations have 270-280+ resist attributes. You dont
need 300 attribute in PvE now, it will give you maybe 10% extra damage,
that is easily eliminated by much higher P.Atk/M.Atk of new R weapons.
Feoh Wizards is the only class that have attribute skills from
beginning and they are not very affected by M.Atk of a weapon. They can
keep old weapons until R95 cames.
2) Yul Archers can deal great amount of damage with autoattack in PvP, so they can keep their OE attrubited bows too.

Q: What old skills should i keep and not change to new skills?

First of all - Cardinal, Eva's Saint, Shillien Saint: (!!!!!!!)Light Armor Mastery(!!!!!!!)
NCSoft mistake with Light Armor Mastery: as all of you know, Light
Armor Mastery on mystics give you +80-90% casting speed, because of
magical movement decreases cast speed in light/heavy/no armor by 50%.
Guess what? NCSoft deletes magical movement on Awakening, but does not
delete +casting speed bonus from Light Armor Mastery.
Welcome to the
new equipment of healers - Combo Sets! Usually it includes HP weapon
(some healers prefer Tallum*DLE duals), Light Armor upper&lower
armor (2 items set bonus) and 3 items set bonus from heavy armor (+con,
+HP), +15 con tattos. Even with all this light/heavy/hp/con equipment -
they have 1999 cast (or near it) on selfbuffs and always - 1999 cast
speed when buffed with Iss Enchanter buffs.

The most important
ones (if you learned new 4th class skills and deleted following skills,
you can delete your character and start another from scratch. or you
need to level up to some level, where new skills are better):

Soultaker: Day of Doom
Mystic Muse: Cancellation (old cancels cannot cancel new buffs, but
they can cancel noblesse blessing/item skill: reflect damage/freezing
skin/etc etc etc)
Dark Avenger: Reflect Damage + Shield Deflect Magic
(until 99 lvl, when Spike Shield can be enchanted on +time, constant
20% reflect are much better, than periodic 50% reflect)
Cardinal, Eva's Saint, Shillien Saint: (!!!!!!!)Light Armor Mastery(!!!!!!!), Robe Mastery
Shillien Saint: Prophecy of Wind (magic critical damage and HP, Drum Melody increases only magic critical chance and MP)
Dominator: Victory of Paagrio (magic critical damage)
Soul Hound: Steal Divinity (same as cancellation)

Useful skills (you can learn new skills, but these old skills are usually better) (list may be incomplete)

Soul Hound: Quick Recovery (trade of 13% cast speed for 20% skills reuse)
Doombringer: Rush Impact
Doomcryer: Chant of Victory
Dominator: Flames of Invincibility
Eva's Saint: Prophecy of Water
Cardinal: Resurrection,
Mass Resurrection (new versions have fixed reuse 30 seconds and 600
seconds, but % of resurrection are much better, you will lose A LOT (i
mean A LOT) of expereince after dying on high-levels. new Mass
Resurrection also targets only party members instead of clan members)

Eva's Saint, Shillien Saint: Resurrection
Adventurer: Dash, Lure
Lord/Elemental Master/Spectral Master: Summon Smart Cubic (until ~90-95
lvl new cubic lacks cleanse and hardly do anything)

Useful skills (you can learn new skills, but these old skills can be better in some situations) (list may be incomplete)

Dreadnought: Provoke, Thrill Fight
Lord/Elemental Master/Spectral Master: Transfer Pain (70%-75% of
transfer on new skill maybe too much, you cant heal summon that
Hierophant: Mystic Immunity (Battle Rhapsody are much
better for pvp, but Mystic Immunity combined with Angel’s Touch can do
wonders on olympiad)
Sword Muse/Spectral Dancer - All Rhytm combo
songs. its highly experimental, but basically you lose 1-2 berserkers
and gain somewhat of combined mage+knight's harmony.
Wind Rider: Dodge
Moonlight Sentinel: Rapid Fire
Ghost Hunter: Counterattack
Archmage/Mystic Muse/Storm Screamer: Arcane Power
Storm Screamer: Empowering Echo
Titan: Frenzy
Grand Khavatary: Force Rage

Q: What are most drastic undocumented changes in GoD?

1) Reflect damage works with ANY type of attack (bow, magic, skills, melee).
These chronicles need to be renamed to Goddess of Reflect Damage. If you have passive+active Reflect Damage augument - you will win 99% of you class based matches.
you have active+passive reflect+offparty mystic muse with +30 reflect
damage - you have ~90% reflect from ANYTHING under standart chanter
buff, ALWAYS. somenuker hits you for 3000 - you hit somenuker for 2700.
somedagger hits you for 12000 - you hit somedagger for 10800.
Vampiric rage works on ANY attacks (bow, magic, skills, melee). However,
its now a chance vampiric rage - you have only like 20-30% chance, that
you will vampire some HP.
3) Adena drops in old and new locations
are almost nonexistant. 40k adena from Bloody Karik, for example, 20
times less (10 times for NA) than before.
4) Life Stone drops are almost the same - probability are extremely low. Combined with 1)... buy them now, before its too late!
5) Attribute Stones/Crystals - same, you can drop 2 Vesper Weapons in LoA bridge and got only 4 earth stone and 1 earth crystal.
You cant get exp if you hunting monsters, that are 10+ levels higher
than you. For example, you now cant take lvl 1 character, use transform
scroll and kill 40+ level mobs. only 10 level or less will give exp to
7) If you need to levelup 76-80(85) subclass with ease - best
place for that will be Bloody Swamp near Dark Elven Village. For all new
GoD mobs you gain insane XP (and ever more insane XP needed for
levelups on 85+), and mobs there are relatively easy to kill with any
Awakened 85 lvl character (Feoh Wizard are the best, but you can exp
there with any class)

For nuker partys - do not even try to go into Genesis Garden, stay in
Seed of Annihilation until mobs are turned deep blue (91-92 lvl) and
only then move directy to Orbis Temple
9) Kamael Final Form + Wynn Summoner + Battle Rhapsody = 40k p.atk 500 crit rate 2500 atk speed Cougars *3-4

I will miss my offparty hierophant/doomcryer/warsmith/elemental
master/judicator/(insert some buff window here)! What i can keep in GoD?

1) Mystic Muse with +30 Freezing Skin (power) (will be fixed in one of updates)
Swordsinger/Bladedance with Rhytm combo songs (some of them can be
landed on top of some Harmony buffs, will be fixed in one of updates)
3) Warsmith
Hierophant/Doomcryer with Greater Shield/Chant of Earth (some of them
can be landed on top of some Harmony buffs, will be fixed in one of
5) Elemental Master/Arcana Lord + Swordsinger/Bladedancer +
Hierophant + some Knight class, your Iss Enchanter must not buff
Harmony/Sonata buffs. cat/pony/tank buffs are not included in Iss
Enchanter buffs and they are blocked by various Sonata/Harmony buffs. If
you buff all songs/dances, berserker spirit, greater shield/might - you
will get almost same bonuses as with Iss Enchanter buffs, but on top of
that you can add summoner/tank buffs, that can be crucial for some
6) Shillien Knight/Phoenix Knight/Eva's Templar(not tested) with their Touch of Shillen/Flame Icon/Touch of Eva buffs

36 Re: Kim grać? on Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:51 am


Podsumowując, uwazajcie aby po 85 nie miec za duzo chanterow w klanie (sws,bd,ol,wc,pp). Sumonerzy to BESTIE PVE, tyr worrior jest USELESS. Bez tanka na spotach +85 nie ma po co sie pokazywac. Gra stworzona wylacznie do siedzenia w 7dmio osobowym party.

Zapamietajcie, ze nowe skile nie zawsze sa lepsze.

MUST KEEP: PoW z SE(vop,cov,pow,pof etc zaleznie od pt), Emp Echo, Day of Doom, cancel/buff steal(kradnie nobla w pvp), Arcana Power, chanter z sws NIE uczyc Wizzard Harmony(zaleznie od skladu cp, ale w wiekszosci przypadkow lepiej zachowac song of warding+renewal).

Dream party po 85 to wedlug mnie :
3sumonerow,1dager,1tank,1iss,1healer (spoil z halfkillem+imba constans dmg, gog lower,upper,orbis 2/3)
2nukerow,1archer,1tank,1isss,2healerow (aoe SoA,Harnak,,GoG,Orbis 1/2)

Robiąc q na nobla, albo spokojnie expiac zwrócicie uwagę na duale s grade. Od momentu zboostowania buffow healerzy porzucili bron z acu+tarcze na koszt mniejszego casta(i tak zbędny),ale w zamian tego więcej cp,hp,mp Smile

37 Re: Kim grać? on Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:56 pm


Ty lepiej zostaw ten syf na Innova i chodz do nas na US Orish ;-p

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