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League of Legends

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1League of Legends Empty League of Legends on Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:39 pm


Gryph said that some of You started playing League of Legends and this game might take some place in clan's evolution. I've been playin LoL with my friends since few months so I can share my priceless knowladge with You.

League of Legends 69755136

I really don't know what is Your experiece at the moment so write below what is Your level and maybe what do You want to know. I can continue from the same point or go to highier level.
I just want to say I had a chance to play with so many people more or less frustrating. A lot of guys wasted my time and we lost so many won games just because of one man. This is really often. And it's possible to win even 4 v 5 while loosing all the time.
Anyway if You need help or if You want to watch some broadcast from my games add me on xfire. My nickname there is gorran88 and You can contact me almost anytime. I'm broadcasting most of my games.

2League of Legends Empty Re: League of Legends on Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:12 pm


yoyo Smile
A friend of mine(good player imo, 30 lvl) recommended LOL and i gave it a try.
im lvl 9 nearly 10 and started playing LoL exactly 1 week ago!
for that time i have been playing with Amumu.
Experience: mostly 5v5 with randoms and some arranged 3v3!

My Q: should Amumu be a jungler all the matches? cuz i have noticed that in lanes he is a bit passive

3League of Legends Empty Re: League of Legends on Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:19 pm


On highier elo (elo means experience level) people play amumu only as a jungler. Simply because he is quite good to gank other lines with his stun and ulti. Of course there might be someone else who need jungling like Warwick or Master Yi.
At low elo it's fine with amumu on one line with someone who can deal some demage to enemy since amumu stun keeps enemies behind minions all the time.

Moreover it's really usefull when three members get 6 lvl first before enemy so they can push the tower really faster.

Important note for everyone. If both line players die after 4 min it means that tower is lost.

4League of Legends Empty Re: League of Legends on Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:54 am


y i play LoL too since 1 weak. (me and bagarn started it at same time )
I just got lvl 9 and last week i played only with Morgana. Now i got 3000+ ip so i can buy a new char but i'll wait to see this weeks free champs. But i think ill take Shaco or Pantheon.
I can't decide which one to take. Who do u think is better?

5League of Legends Empty Re: League of Legends on Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:08 pm


Shaco is one of the junglers. He was much stronger before last two patches. Now it's more a 1v1 champion, really good for ganking however he doesn't do much in teamfights. He can chase enemy when they are running away. Also nice champion to make backdoor.

Pantheon also was nerfed and deals less demage than previously. Pantheon skills take a lot of mana so usually after one combo he is out of mana. It's also hard to make a nice ulti with pantheon but it's really helpful. Also good champion for first blood and 1v1 fight thank to his shield which activates every 4 hits.

What I can suggest is to take 1 or 2 champions as main and then just buying runes. At the begining there is no difference however at highier levels You can be suprised that someone has the same champion and deals more demage or has more hp. When You reach level 30 and fill whole rune page You can buy champions which match to the same runes.

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